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Super Talent | Newsroom

We’re ‘crowd-sourcing’ local and international interns to come and work at Supernews

If you’re looking to get some on-the-ground ‘vac experience’ or want to try something new in the news industry, then Supernews is where you want to be!

Who we’re looking for:

  • Students or post grads currently studying a journalism, photography, film degree/diploma; and/or any students invloved in campus media publications/platforms (eg: editors, contributors, station managers, etc, for newspaper/radio/online)
  • Students from varied academic disciplines to research and write news reports within their area of expertise, eg: political science, finance, information technology, environmental studies, medicine, architecture, social sciences, engineering, etc.

Preferred Skills

  • Good writing skills (enough said)
  • Film & Editing skills (you prefer to be behind the camera, shooting and editing stories and you’re familiar with software programmes like Photoshop, and iMovie, etc)
  • Research skills (you know your way around the web, are an information sponge, have the ability to anticipate trending topics)
  • Design & Marketing skills (you’re creative and have the confidence to design and promote multi-media campaigns)
  • Social Media skills (you know how to spread the word through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, etc)
  • Copy Editing skills (you’re a brutal wordsmith)
  • A Blog Junkie (you have an in-depth knowledge of the blogosphere)

Personal Qualities

  • You take the initiative
  • You’re resourceful and quick on the uptake
  • You have a good command of English
  • You’re well organised
  • You’re passionate about what you do (& hungry to do it)
  • You’re a good communicator
  • You’re a team player (but can play solo too)
  • You’re personable & friendly

Terms of Engagement

  • Virtual national team of student reporters during the year with option of interning
  • Experiential vac intenships for students (short term with the option of ongoing work experience)
  • Dedicated interns to be available in Cape Town for a minimum of 16-20 hours per week on a flexible schedule
  • Willingness to commit to a 1-3 month program or more (start time is flexible)
  • Have a mobile phone
  • Preferable if you have a laptop computer – but it’s not a deal breaker
  • Preferable if you have a digital camera with memory card/s – also not a deal breaker

Incentive-Driven Rewards

  • Help change the news agenda in SA: Write the Headlines – Right the World!
  • Ongoing training facilitated by a variety of Super Coaches, giving you practical, on-the-job experience and helping you develop broad journalistic skills
  • Personalized editor feedback including tips to drive more traffic to your news reports
  • Shadow other team positions (editing, technical, marketing, business)
  • Build a professional online portfolio on www.supernews.co.za and develop a global online reputation
  • Join an exciting network of  journalists from all over the country – including well known industry professionals – who are changing the media landscape with Supernews
  • Build up your Citizen Journalist Super Status and by extension your eligibility for Super Stuff, which amongst other things presents opportunities to be published or broadcast on multiple media platforms aligned with Supernews
  • Be invited (after this 3 month review period) to join the Supernews Team with ongoing work experience
  • Earn a Super Reference

Apply by emailing us on volunteerintern@supernews.co.za. Attach your CV, a reference letter and two samples of your work. If you get selected for the next round, we’ll contact you to set up an interview.